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Please read Pomptonian's allergy statement. If you have any questions about your child's food allergies or food sensitivities, please contact Susan Galione, Food Service Director, at



Hot Lunch Overview:


The NCPE provides a hot lunch program that allows students to choose from 5 daily food options. A complete lunch will include an entree selection, a trip to the farm stand (students choose 2 servings from a variety of fruit and vegetable options daily), and a choice of white or chocolate milk or 8 oz. water. The cost of a complete meal is $4.50. All milk is low-fat, hormone, and high fructose corn syrup free. Additionally, all deli meats is provided by Boar’s Head. Chicken products are all natural or all white meat and whole grain or whole wheat products are provided frequently. Pizza lunch is every Wednesday and is provided by a local vendor as usual. Ala carte food and drinks, including water and Snapple, are available for an additional charge. Milk can be purchased separately for $1.00 if your child is bringing their own lunch.


PaySchools Central: (Internet based Payment System)


The NCPE offers parents an internet-based payment system, which allows you the option of paying for your child’s lunch on-line, via credit card or electronic check. This service also allows you to receive automated emails detailing your child’s account balance, which items they purchased for lunch, and can notify you if their balance is low. Additionally, like EZ-Pass, there is an “auto-replenishment” option which allows you to set up a low-balance threshold and automatic debit amount to replenish your child’s account. The amount of your child’s lunch will be deducted from your account balance via a swipe card that will be assigned to your child. The swipe card will be held in the cafeteria, so no need to worry about your child misplacing their card. You will also have the option of sending your child to school with cash if you prefer.  Please visit the PaySchools Central website here.


Transaction Fees


A $1.75 transaction fee will be accessed for each electronic check deposit you make into your child’s account. We recommend making larger deposit amounts to avoid paying multiple fees for smaller deposits. A 4.75% fee will be accessed on all credit card payment amounts. Electronic checks are the least expensive on-line payment option.


Remember to add all of your children first and then add the dollar amount you want for each child before you process the transaction. If you process each child separately, you will be charged a transaction fee for each child.


Cash Limits on Cards


You have the ability to limit the amount that your child spends on their card each day. To address this request we have developed an option with PaySchools Central for parents to put a dollar restriction as to how much their child/children can spend each day in the school cafeteria.


As a reminder, the basic lunch plan comes with 1) one of two main courses or one of the every day sandwich/salad/bagel options 2) a beverage (milk or water) and 3) two choices from our fantastic farm stand. The cost for lunch is $4.50. There are also additional items that are available for purchase each day.


If you choose to participate in restricting your child's purchases, please contact Katherine Azzato at Please make sure to speak with your child(ren) should you decide to use this option so they are aware and aren't surprised in the check out line. We want to make sure that lunch time continues to be a fun and positive part of the school day. It is important to highlight that if you restrict the amount and there are days that you would like to allow your child to purchase items that will go over that set amount they will need to pay in cash. So if you allow no more that $5 a day and your child would like a second slice of pizza on Wednesdays then you will need to send in money to cover the difference. Please note that this restriction can only be managed with money that is on your PaySchools Central account. Cash purchases cannot be restricted.


$0 and Negative Balance Accounts


We understand that, on occasion, lunch money is forgotten or your child's prepaid lunch balance runs low/out.  Weekly balance slips are sent home with students that have a low balance.


Following is the new North Caldwell School District 2022-2023 cafeteria policy regarding charging meals while having a $0 or negative balance:


1.  Students will be able to charge a maximum of two lunch meals at $4.50.  Students will not be able to charge a la carte items such as snacks or beverages.


2.  Once a student has charged the maximum of two lunch meals, and the balance remains unpaid, the NCPE will provide a healthy snack (yogurt or a cheese stick with pretzels).


To set your low balance reminder, please log into, click on "My Account - My Email Options." You will have an option to click on "Low Lunch Balance" to set the amount that will remain in the account when your low balance notification is set, as well as what day of the month you would like to receive that low balance email. Again, we are asking that EVERYONE sign up for this low balance email reminder. Please remember that the NCPE lunch program is provided as a paid-for convenience and fundraising program, and we ask for your cooperation in this matter.


Questions on Hot Lunch


If you have questions on your child's account or online issues with PaySchools Central please contact Sue Galione at Pomptonian at