NCPEnrichment Programs


The NCPE Enrichment Programs allow for further educational and social development of our children.

  • After-School Enrichment – The NCPE is proud to offer an After-School Enrichment program. Children in both schools can participate in a variety of activities from cooking to drawing, from science to sports. All classes are held immediately following the school day, allowing for our children to get involved in something they enjoy without parents carpooling. For more information, click here.
  • Gould Play - Students in grades 4-6 are welcome to participate.
  • Art Renaissance – This wonderful program exposes our children to artists in a very interactive way. Parent volunteers visit the classrooms and give presentations about pre-selected artists. Then the kids produce an art project in the style of the artist presented.
  • Assemblies – Each year, the NCPE funds assembly programs in both Grandview and Gould. In the past, children's author Dan Gutman has given a presentation and book signing, and our kids have learned about healthy eating habits from dancing fruits and vegetables!
  • Books and Beyond – If your Grandview child opts for the Wii over a book, this program is for you! This program allows your child to log their reading accomplishments in a fun way. The program includes classroom celebrations, their names and reading accomplishments posted on a bulletin board in school, and prizes for their hard work.
  • Health & Wellness Committee – In today’s world of video gaming and childhood obesity, the NCPE feels a responsibility to help educate our children about the importance of healthy living. The Health & Wellness Committee builds on this belief using hands-on ways that children find fun and entertaining to give them the skills they need to opt for healthy habits in their lives. The Health & Wellness Committee has started our very own Organic Garden at Gould. 
  • Saturday Preschool Program – The Saturday Preschool Program allows incoming kindergartners to attend Grandview one Saturday a month from October through April. The children participate in special activities in a kindergarten classroom so they can see the school and feel comfortable in their surroundings. This makes the transition to kindergarten a smoother and less stressful one. To participate in the program, your child/children must be at least 4 years of age as of October 1, 2018. For more information on the program, please email